14th Annual Visual Communication Design Poster Show Website

Website design for 14th annual Visual Communication Design Poster Show. The page acts as an information source about the show as well as an e-commerce website where guests could bid on posters in a live virtual auction.

Website Design
Fall 2021
Every year, the senior class of the Visual Communication Design program at Arizona State University host a poster show in the fall semester. This event currates a wide variaty of posters from designers and artists around the world.
Traditionally, the poster show would hold a silent auction in person where guests would make bids on the poster they like on a piece of paper. However, for this year, due to COVID-19, the class made a decision to host the auction on an online platform so that guests can avoid contact.
Main Concerns
Many guests that are parents, grandparents of students and might not be comfortable with digital products.
A wide selection of almost 200 posters that guests need to go through but short amount of time to bid.
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