Beyond the Fairy Ring

An exhibition about mushrooms. Wild, poisonous, edible, bioluminescent.

Exhibition Design
Sketch Up, InDesign,
Illustrator, Photoshop
Fall 2021
Fascinated and inspired by fungi in the wild, this exhibition was designed to inform and educate guests about all types of mushrooms, ranging from edible, poisonous, to bioluminescent.
User Experience
Guests are first greeted by an overview about the exhibition wall. They will then go through a gallery of abstracted three dimensional wall sculpture of mushroom textures. The next room they enter displays poisonous mushrooms behind glass walls and edible mushrooms on an S-shaped mushroom runway. They can also learn more about mushroom from the infographic displayed on the wall. For a grand ending, guests get to experience the "glow room" with giant glow-in-the-dark mushrooms inspired by bioluminescent ones.
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