Clair Skincare Mobile Application

Mobile skincare routine application that makes skincare accessible to beginners by simplify the process and resources.

UI/UX design
Fall 2021
Many skincare beginners face difficulties with how to start due to the complexity of this field. Clair is a mobile application designed to assist users to achieve their skin goals easier.
This app focuses on generating and organizing skincare routines and displaying them in a simple, straight to the point manner to help users access the product easily.

Cloe: Skincare diary, product reviews, calendar overview
Charm: Skicare log, tracking, able to buy recommended products from the app directly
Curology: skincare subscription service, has access to virtual dermatologists.

A series of research interviews were conducted on a group of 10 individuals who would be potential consumers of the app.
The targeted age group ranges from 18 to 30 years old, with knowledge about skincare ranging from beginner to intermediate level.

Do you have a skincare routine?
How often do you use skincare (including sunscreen, face lotion, moisturizer)?
Do you do skincare both daytime and nighttime?
How many products do you use each time of the day?
How much time does it take you to do skincare?
Are you consistent with your routine?
Was it difficult for you to get into skincare?
What are some of the challenges that you’ve had when you first started?
Have you ever given up your routine? Why so?
Do you keep track of your process?
What are some resources that you have consulted before starting?


Difficult to start skincare because not sure where to start.
Unable to afford many product, and not willing to buy product when not sure if it would work.
Overwhelmed by the information available on the internet.
Unsure of skin type and what product would be appropriate for each skin type.

Not seeing progress.
A lot of breakouts and not sure what is the exact reason.
Lack of time and effort.
Forgetting to do the routine.

Many expressed that they would like some clear and
customized guidance, similar to a dermatologist.

After getting the data and defining the goals of the app, I dedicated some time to sketch out the wireframe to determine the required screens and components. I experimented with a variety of different solutions for each screen to find the most effective and accessible solution.
After defining the required screens, I experimented with various way of styling the components and elements to find a system that would work best. I also experimented with how different components would react such as the accordion cards, edit buttons, checkboxes, etc.
High Fidelity
After the wireframe is established, I then applied color, typography, as well as text and image content to see how the app would look in a more realistic setting.
User Testing
Breaking down the quiz and separating it into smaller sections as well as informing the users how long each section would be help them not feel discourage and are more likely to finish the quiz.
Easy process to add and edit the daily routine, allows for easy customizations.
The icons and navigation system could be a bit more intuitive since users needed a bit of time to learn and memorize the system. Need to add a system to better identify which day the users are looking at when they are view past and present routines.
Next Steps
In the future I would like to focus and expand on the generating a new routine feature. I would also like to experiment with adding a product suggestion and where they can be purchased to help users find reliable sources. The notification and reminder system is another feature that could be expanded on since it could help reminder those who are busy or easily forget. I would also experiment with adding a short navigation tutorial at the beginning that would disappear to help users learn the system and make it more intuitive.
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